Oliver Williams in Eaton Square Garden 30 August copy.jpg

Oliver Williams, Director

Oliver is a professional Breathwork facilitator. Since 1972, he has practiced Neo-Reichian emotional release and experiential therapies, beginning fruitfully with Breathwork in 1992.

Oliver trained with Stanislav Grof, receiving his certification from Grof’s Transpersonal Training in 1996.

He has facilitated Breathwork for hundreds of individuals in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, and Ireland.


Michael Thatcher, Board Member

Michael is the President and CEO at Charity Navigator, the largest independent evaluator of U.S. based charities. 

In this role, he provides direction and leadership toward the achievement of the company’s philosophy and mission while managing all business affairs consistent with the vision and values of the organization. 

This helps guide intelligent giving by evaluating the Financial Health and Accountability & Transparency of more than 8,000 charities.


Jennifer Hanser, CEO

After starting her career on Wall Street, Jennifer amassed nearly two decades of experience developing the businesses of industry leaders across Media, Sports, Entertainment, Tech, and Cannabis from roles at AOL, MLB.com, FIFA, Sony Music, Bitly, and Tilray. 

Most recently, in Cannabis, she led expansion of Tilray’s global business and supported strategic initiatives, from policy reform to clinical research.

For Rebecoming, Jennifer combines her expertise to lead the organization’s efforts to understand and unlock the healing potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness.