The REBECOMING project seeks to demonstrate through clinical research the utility of Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness to bring release of trauma. Two of the most promising areas of active research currently being pursued in the field of healthcare are:

1) The Human Microbiome and Molecular Pathways. Work in this field began at the conclusion of the Human Genome Project. Its focus is on the structure and actions of the fundamental sub-strate of our physical organism; namely, the micro-biological elements within us that are becoming understood to be a significant determinant factor of our physical well-being.

2) Psychoactive Medicines and NOSC. Focus in the field of psychedelic medicines and NOSC is upon understanding, through experience, the fundamental sub-strate of our psychic organism; the source of fears and other mal-adjusted features that comprise our worldview and thus determine of our psychic well-being.

The success of this REBECOMING research endeavor will achieve the following:

  • Demonstrate the clear, direct and vital link between our psyches and our bodies, known as the Body-Mind connection.

  • Bring coherence to the field of trauma-care, opening the way to the durable release of trauma from the body-mind.

The additional pages to this presentation further elaborate on how each of these two research threads, the micro-biome and psychoactive medicines, will be linked in such a way that each informs and benefits the other.